Workshops/Presentations - Monday

Below are some of the great workshops and presentations that will be available at the 2017 CASC State Conference in Riverside! This year’s conference is focused around seven core topics:

  1. Reach Higher for College and Career Readiness
  2. The Digital Landscape 
  3. Evidence Based School Counseling
  4. Safe and Supportive Schools
  5. Mental Health in Schools
  6. School Counselor Advocacy and Accountability
  7. School Counselor Preparation
Supporting these topics will be the following sessions*:
  • Resilience Can be Taught - Christian Moore
  • Evolve your time management strategies and implement a comprehensive program at multiple sites- Gina Mroczka
  • Mastering GoogleForms: Maximize your time and evaluate your program with data driven decisions- Alexis Goddard
  • Resilience Can be Taught - Christian Moore
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention- Rebecca Pianta
  • Get ready to RAMP! - Megan LeBare
  • Upstanders Character Education Program: Empowering the Bystander - Sara Drabert
  • Implementing Comprehensive School Counseling Programs Through Transformative Leadership - Molly Strear
  • ASCA Mindset & Behavior Standards: Developing Effective Lesson Plans - Caroline Lopez
  • Solution-Focused Schools: The Relational Approach to Mental Health - Dr. Linda Metcalf
  • Using a systems approach to providing effective interventions to our most at-risk students - Teresse Lewis
  • Data-Driven Tier 2 Interventions - Ashley Kruger
  • School counselor advocacy for elementary school counseling - Sue Tran
  • Engage and Empower Student especially those with apathy toward learning and/or behavior problems - Dr. Marvin Marshall
  • Benefits of implementing peer mentoring programs - Sandra Ruiz
  • Spice up school counseling classroom lessons with student engagement strategies - Danielle Duarte
  • Nailing your next school counseling interview - Jeff Ream
  • Tackling College and Career readiness through school counselor support - Tracy Wilson
  • Intentional guidance: Using Googleapps to deliver a comprehensive school counseling program - Courtney Lloyd
  • Engaging students in career planning with CalCRN Resources - John Merris-Coots
  • College and Career Readiness in Elementary and Middle School - Yuridia Nava
  • 13 Reasons Why - Dr. Loren Dittmar
  • and more!

*Subject to change.