Workshops/Presentations - Tuesday

Below are the great workshops and presentations that will be available at the 2017 CASC State Conference in Riverside! This year’s conference is focused around seven core topics:

  1. Reach Higher for College and Career Readiness
  2. The Digital Landscape 
  3. Evidence Based School Counseling
  4. Safe and Supportive Schools
  5. Mental Health in Schools
  6. School Counselor Advocacy and Accountability
  7. School Counselor Preparation
Supporting these topics will be the following sessions*:
  • The Solution-Focused School counselors playbook - Aron Schonberg
  • Re-Entry Process: Supporting Students returning from a psychiatric hold/hospitalization - Nelly Rico Blustajin
  • Implementing a comprehensive elementary school counseling program through transformative leadership - Molly Strear
  • Partnership for Proven Digital Resources for K-12 College and Career Readiness - Steven Avina
  • Evolve, Engage, and Empower your Employment Opportunities - Bobbi Alba
  • Today's Foster Youth: How to create a supportive foster care program on your campus - Jenna Mendez
  • Creating a positive environment in the classroom through class meetings - Ashley Kruger
  • Closing the achievement gap by implementing a results based school counseling program - Vanessa Gomez
  • Helping ALL Students Reach Higher - Priscilla Grijalva
  • Removing Obstacles: Leveling the EL Playing Field - Kyla Wegman
  • School Counselors and Accountability Including the New California School Dashboard - Danielle Duarte
  • Mindfulness and Self-care: Let's Teach this to our Students! - Jackie Alvarado
  • Using Data and Evidence-Based Practices to Provide Targeted Interventions - Jacob Olsen
  • The evolving CTC Training Standards for School Counseling Programs: A discussion on school counselor preparation - Dr. Caroline Lopez
  • Elementary School Counselor Forum
  • Middle School Counselor Forum
  • High School Counselor Foum
  • Counselor Educator Forum
  • Graduate Student Forum
  • Community College/Non-Traditional School Counselor Forum
  • and more!

*Subject to change.