SC Profiles

School Counseling Programs change lives.

School Counseling Program PROFILES (SC PRO) provide an overview of what school counselors do to make a difference every day at their school sites. Graduate students in school counseling programs at CSU Long Beach, CSU East Bay and the University of La Verne have taken the initiative to create and publish PROFILES that reflect collaboration, teamwork and commitment to continuous improvement. 
If your school site is interesting in participating in the SC PRO initiative, please contact or Each school is solely responsible for publication permission and the accuracy of the information presented in their SC PRO. Funding for the publication of these Profiles was generously provided by the CSU Collaborative for the Advancement of Linked Learning.

Below are the current year's profiles. Prior years can be found in the menu at left.

2017-18 School Counseling Program PROFILES
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Valley High School, Santa Ana, CA


Author: Monica Cabrera Lucero, CSU Long Beach School Counseling Program Intern

Century High School, Santa Ana, CA

Author: Miguel Briseno, CSU Long Beach School Counseling Program Intern

Viejo Elementary School, Mission Viejo, CA

Author: Sandra Keeley, CSU Long Beach School Counseling Program Intern