2018 Election Results

The results of the 2018 Board election are posted below. Successful candidates for the 2018-20 period will take their seats July 1, 2018. Thank you to all the candidates who participated and congratulations to those who received the most votes in their categories. (These results can also be viewed online by clicking here.)


Executive Vice President
Ashley Kruger received 80 votes, 41.67% of the total;
Josh Godinez received 52 votes, 27.08% of the total;
Joanna Aragon received 35 votes, 18.23% of the total;
Cecilia Chavez received 19 votes, 9.90% of the total;
Make no selection. received 6 votes, 3.13% of the total.
Graduate Student Representative
Eleni Richards received 119 votes, 61.98% of the total.
Marybeth Buckowski received 50 votes, 26.04% of the total.
Make no selection. received 23 votes, 11.98% of the total.
Middle School Vice President
Alma Lopez received 161 votes, 83.85% of the total.
Make no selection. received 31 votes, 16.15% of the total.
Total ballots returned = 192
Total number of eligible voters = 1843
Percent of ballot return = 10.58%