Pre-Conference Workshop - Wednesday

Pre-conference workshop cost is $149, which includes lunch. Please keep in mind that these sessions tend to sell-out quickly. Registration for only Wednesday can be done here or just add the pre-conference on to your conference registration!
Managing Your Caseload No Matter the SIZE of your CASELOAD!‚Äč
Extended breakout session that will address how to meet all of your students in a timely fashion no matter their challenges. Be it, I can't make it to school and I don't know why. I am failing all my classes and I hate school. I don't like the kids at my school, I want to be somewhere else. Nobody likes me and I just want to hide. To I don't even know why we need to go to school. This workshop is designed to make you more effective in the time and student challenges you do have and utilize your training to impact student achievement not just some days but every day. We are not going to be successful by chance; we have to design and be intentional with our success. Gone are the days of I wish I had time to see so and so or what's his name. Say hello to all your students and get ready to create and maintain meaningful relationships with all your students no matter your caseload size. We will take a different approach to solution focused counseling and apply it to real school counseling scenarios and practice how to address student challenges quickly, efficiently and effectively. Sometimes all that is needed to check in with student is to say "Hi" " I see you!" Acknowledgment leads to continued progress.  At the end of this workshop participants will be able to increase the amount of students they see daily.  Participants will be able to structure their counseling meetings in a way that they can get to students’ success strategies quicker. Participants will be able to understand and implement a variation of solution focused counseling to make their meetings more productive in the time they have.  Finally, participants will learn how to document their meetings and share results with all stakeholders. 
Arond Schonberg has over 25 years of experience in social work and education.  He started out working with the chronically mentally ill and chemically dependent homeless adults in Los Angeles where he developed his foundation and approach with counseling challenging people.  Moving to education, Arond discovered that working with the homeless has prepared him to work with the challenging students of today.  His personal experiences growing up, along with his training and professional experience, have contributed to the development and approach that he shares with you in this workshop.  Over the past ten years, Arond has presented numerous workshops on solution focused counseling in Seattle, Dallas, Nebraska, Boston, Orlando, Ohio, Kentucky, Arizona, New Orleans and California. His hope is that school counselors see the benefit of using solution focused counseling as a means of enhancing their practice.