The School Counseling Program Profile (SC PRO) Initiative is now in its fifth year. Thanks to the work of counselor educators at 6 universities, we have been able to put up some fairly impressive numbers including 10.000+ online views and 69 graduate students getting publication credit for their work on 52 Profiles. We look forward to having Washington D.C. area and Wisconsin school counseling programs adopting (and adapting) what we have started.

We have carefully edited this year's SC PRO to streamline the publication process and make the SC PRO a value-added document for advocacy and accreditation. A checklist has replaced the rubric to help us present a consistent message. Specific examples for the presentation of data (from last year's Profiles) have been provided. Connections to both the ASCA National Model and WASC accreditation have been identified.

We welcome you to join us in moving our work forward and are grateful for any feedback you may provide; this is a group effort. 

Due to COVID school closures, outcome data for the 2020-2021 SC Pros will not be required. Although not required, we highly recommend adding past year's outcome data from the CA Dashboard onto your profile with ways how the counseling program affected that data.

Download SC Profile Checklist Here 

Charter Oak High School

Author: Armida Ordorica, University of La Verne
Orangeview Junior High School

Author: Elizabeth Sanchez, University of La Verne
Sequoia Middle School

Author: Ivonne Torres, University of La Verne
Washington Elementary School

Author: Lori Bravo, University of La Verne
Marshall Middle School

Author: Maria Robles, University of La Verne
Sequioa Middle School

Author: Amairany Rivera, University of La Verne
Fremont Academy of Engineering and Design

Author: Renee Cruz, University of La Verne
Monrovia High School

Author: Vanessa Acosta, University of La Verne
Ruth Musser Middle School

Author: Patreicia Simms, University of La Verne