Workshops & Presentations

Below are some of the great workshops and presentations that will be available at the 2022 CASC Conference and Expo in Riverside! This year’s conference is focused around seven core topics:

Below are a sample of sessions supporting these topics*:

  • Self Care for Administrators
  • Journey towards a District-wide Comprehensive School Counseling Program
  • Counselors as Leaders: The Compass to Whole Child Well-Being
  • Proactive Strategies To Combat Hate And Bias In Schools and Increase Cross Cultural Unity
  • Today’s Foster Youth
  • Hearing Their Voices. Honoring Their Journeys. Educational Journeys of Continuation School Youth & K-12 School Counselor Support
  • Creating an Effective Administrator-Counselor Relationship to Promote Success for ALL Students
  • We are Better Together - School Counselor and Administration Collaboration
  • Finding Our Way Forward Out of the Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Understanding Covid-Melt
  • Campus Racial Climate and the Social Emotional Health of Latino High School Students
  • Culturally Relevant Multi-Tiered System of Supports for Mental Health
  • Helping Students Discover Their Ikigai
  • Steps to Becoming an Anti-Racist School Counselor: Voices from the Field
  • Elementary Level Tier 1 Interventions
  • Creating Effective School Counseling Core Curriculum Lessons to Promote Student Success and Data Outcomes
  • Beyond Allyship: Advocacy for LGBTQ+ Students
  • "The Cutting Challenge: America's Self-Injury Epidemic"
  • Empower Students with Career Self-Management Skills
  • Using Data as an Advocacy Tool: Mid and End-Year Reports
  • Exploring the Intersection of Gender Diversity and Neurodiversity
  • Let’s Go Back to the Future and Develop your Leadership and Advocacy Skills for Student Success
  • Using the Science of HOPE to Support Students
  • Enhancing Family Partnerships with Appreciative Inquiry
  • Using the Science of HOPE to Support Students
  • Building from the Ground Up: Transitioning from High School to Elementary School Counseling
  • More to come!
*Subject to change.