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The following sessions will support the School Administrators strand of content*:
Creating an Effective Administrator-Counselor Relationship to Promote Success for ALL Students
Frances Rose, School Counselor, Moreno Valley Unified School District
This session is designed to promote and strengthen the dynamics of the Administrator/Counselor relationship. Through the review of the ASCA National Model and in collaboration with components of College Board’s 10 Characteristics of an Effective Principal-Counselor Relationship, you will gain a better understanding of how Administrators and Counselors can collaborate to help all students SUCCEED.
Enhancing Family Partnerships with Appreciative Inquiry
Becky Love, Lead Professional Development Specialist, Hatching Results, LLC
Student outcomes are tremendously impacted by the degree to which families and school staff work together. Appreciative Inquiry is an evidence-based approach administrators and school counselors can employ to identify services that families value and appreciate the most in terms of developing their child’s academic, college/career and social emotional strengths. Consider Appreciative Inquiry as an inclusive and strengths based approach to systemic change. Actionable resources provided!
Self Care For Administrators Who are Getting Ready for the Future
Dr.Bobbi Alba, Professor, Azusa Pacific University
Administrators are called upon to be educational leaders in the face of tragedies such as the loss of a student or staff members, school-wide threats, and crisis. Admin provides psychological first aid and emotional care, but they often do not apply those skills to their own lives. Administrators need the the knowledge, attitude, and skills to recognize and prevent professional burnout and compassion fatigue. Learn about the physical, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual signs of compassion fatigue, and leave empowered to use the three R's as a strategy for self-care.
We are Better Together - School Counselor and Administration Collaboration
Cynthia Walker, Head School Counselor, Dublin High School
The goal of this workshop is to show collaboration between school counselors and administrators can build and create effective school programs and student interventions. Both positions play a vital part in creating a school environment that meets the needs of their students. Strategies and examples will be shared to help participants identify areas where collaboration compliments each other’s roles and effectively benefits the students and school community. Participants will have an opportunity to strategize for their individual school sites and share ideas via a Google document.
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