-- Advocacy and Accountability Topics


The following sessions will support the Advocacy & Accountability strand of content*:
Using Data as an Advocacy Tool: Mid and End-Year Reports
Jordan Blevins, School Counselor, Stockton Unified School District
The goal of this session is to showcase how mid-year and end of the year reports can be used as advocacy tools to support your comprehensive school counseling program and role. By providing examples of mid-year and end-of-the year reports used in Stockton Unified School District and Pomona Unified School district, attendees will be able to see first hand how these types of reports can advocate for appropriate use of school counselors and the need for our role within the school. Attendees will be provided with templates to start developing their own reports upon returning to their school sites.
School Counselor Mentorship
Anita Shirley, Assistant Principal, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Corona-Norco Unified School District
The goal of this presentation is to showcase the idea of how veteran school counselors can mentor new school counselors to get them acclimated to their new job, school, and district. The presentation will consist of how CNUSD has already implemented the Mentor/Mentee program and the success that have come from it along with data collected along the way. It will also include ideas for how to get started and possible meeting topics.
Beyond Allyship: Advocacy for LGBTQ+ Students
Allison Newlee, School Counselor, San Diego State University
Research conducted by national LGBTQ+ organizations and climate surveys demonstrates LGBTQ+ youth face discrimination and barriers in K-12 schools. With Beyond Allyship, we aim to give recommendations for systemic advocacy in support of LGBTQ+ students. The presentation will cover an overview of LGBTQ+ terms, common issues faced by LGBTQ+ students, LGBTQ+ student rights, recommendations for advocacy in support of LGBTQ+ students, and resources which will be distributed digitally.
Let’s Go Back to the Future and Develop your Leadership and Advocacy Skills for Student Success
Melissa Lafayette, Lead Professional Learning Specialist, Hatching Results, LLC
Whether you are a new or an experienced school counselor, it is always valuable to build your leadership potential and advocacy skills for not only your students, but also for the school counseling profession. Move your program to the next level by focusing on strategies and best practices around the ASCA themes of leadership, advocacy, collaboration and systemic change. The ability to develop and embed these themes into your program can elevate your program so it is better aligned to work collaboratively with all stakeholders, in a position to lead school-wide and district-wide initiatives, and incorporate the voice of strong student advocates so the student perspective is always the centralized focus. What are you waiting for? Your students and profession are ready for you to reach your full leadership and advocacy potential to offer best practices that are truly supportive of student success. Come join us for this interactive, high intensity session that will provide you with practical solutions for you and your students.
Journey towards a District-wide Comprehensive School Counseling Program
Jasmine Arellano-Najera, District School Counselor, Pomona Unified School District
Attendees will learn how to transform their current program into a data-driven comprehensive school counseling program that supports ALL students across the district. Learn about the nine year journey that Pomona Unified School Counseling Department has taken in their efforts towards implementing a district-wide K-12 comprehensive program. Resources will include the School Counseling Department Handbook, an ASCA aligned implementation guide, and other resources to get your district started.
PPS Presidential Townhall: CASC, CASP, & CASSW
Leaders from the California Association of School Counselors, the California Association of School Psychologists, and the California Association of School Social Workers come together on a panel to discuss collaborative efforts with advocacy, celebrations, and forecasting where our united efforts will be concentrated looking ahead. Come engage, so that you are up to date with all matters related to California school counseling and our pupil personnel services partners. Attendees will walk away able to discuss the power of the Pupil Personnel Services collective, be able to ask industry related questions, and be able to discuss positions taken and future concerns for our professional collective.

More to come!

*Subject to change.