Becoming a School Counselor

So you want to be a school counselor in California? Do you already have your school counseling credential in another state and want to transfer to California? As you begin your journey toward school counseling in California, here are a few items that you will need to keep in mind...

  1. You must first achieve your baccalaureate degree (or higher) from a regionally-accredited college or university
  2. You must enroll in a graduate program that culminates in a Pupil Personnel Services credential; this program must be offered by a CCTC-accredited institution of higher learning
  3. You must complete a basic skills requirement
  4. You will need to complete the LiveScan fingerprint process
  5. You will need to successfully complete a practicum with school-aged children (typically volunteer)
These are just a few of the requirements to be a school counselor in California. Want to know more? Read more: Educational Requirements. Want to know what school counselors do? Check out this link.

UPDATE: Please read the recently published document on Fieldwork Guidance in the era of Covid-19.

Did you receive or are you currently working on your school counseling credential or masters degree in a state other than California? There are certain things you will need to do to transfer and practice in California. See the transferring from another state section in the menu at left.