DEADLINE APPROACHING: CASC Emerging Leaders Program — Call for Applicants!

The CASC School Counseling Emerging Leaders (SCEL) application for the 2020-2021 term is now available!
If you've got that burning desire to make an impact in the School Counseling profession above and beyond your own community and you'd love to learn from the leaders of CASC, then this is the opportunity for you! The SCEL program was designed to provide a bridge for school counselors or current graduate students who aspire to get involved with CASC, but they're looking to test the waters before jumping in with both feet. Through our Leadership Development Institute (LDI), Board Meetings, Conference Calls, and Mentorship, Emerging Leaders have access to learn from some of California's most inspiring leaders, network with colleagues throughout the state, and strengthen their own leadership and advocacy skills.

So, you may be wondering, "What qualifies me to be an Emerging Leader?" Well, the fact that you're reading further is a good sign that you've got the most important attribute: Passion to serve. Beyond that, we're looking for innovators, advocates, visionaries, and people who others turn to for leadership and decision-making. And even if you don't identify with all of these, but you've got the heart to further develop your leadership potential, we encourage you to apply. Each of us has unique gifts to bring to the table, and it is through this program that we hope to empower more school counselors to step up and strengthen their gifts to strive towards excellence in our profession.

Application process
An application for interested individuals is on the CASC website. The application, statement, resume, and letter of recommendation from his/her administrator/professor are due by May 15. Please scan all four documents and email together in one document.