Solution Focused Connection: School Counseling Online

Thanks to many of you for sending me topics for this week and several more weeks. There were a few that seemed to work nicely for role-plays and some topics that were specific about unique situations.
They are all welcome ideas and we will start addressing them next week!

Join me either Wednesday, June 17 or the following Wednesday, June 24, as we explore how to help a student dealing with a serious illness and his/her classmates. Watch how the SF approach can come alive and to the rescue, especially when we do not have answers! I will try to do a role-play with a nice volunteer, so get your volunteer hats on!

Then, we will talk about how to inspire a student to reach toward a desired outcome when circumstances in the family are not conducive to having hope. It sounds like the miracle question will have its work cut out for it!

So, join me and your colleagues for an intriguing webinar of instilling hope and motivation when the circumstances present obstacles that seem impossible. Then, watch possibilities emerge before your eyes.

Access the link below to register and select which training date you would like to attend: Wednesday June 17 or June 24.

Let's do it.