School Counseling Continues to be in the News as a Vital School Investment

Over the past few months, extraordinary attention has been paid to the growing need for school districts to invest in their school counseling workforce. 
One such article (author Carolyn Jones) published in Edsource (a newsletter widely read by California educators and legislators) on Friday, July 24, 2020, highlights the school policing vs. school counseling investment dispute and the growing demands for reform fueled by protester, parents and the public. To read this article, click the link here.

Another article by the same author, Schools want to hire more counselors amid budget woes, is an excellent article featuring CASC Editor Esther Park, who spoke about her summer efforts to find a school counseling job in Orange County, dispelling the myth that there is a lack of school counselors available to fill open school counseling positions to address the widespread mental health needs due to the global pandemic crisis.

The Uncertain Road Ahead, a recent reopening-of-school report generated by the California School Board Association, discusses the need for school districts to addresses student mental health issues. On page 15, school counselors — along with CASC — were featured referencing a letter CASC submitted to the Governor outlining the current mental health crisis facing students due to the global pandemic.