Calling All Counselors - Please Invite Your Teachers and Administrators to CASC's Oct. 8-10 Conference

This is the first time CASC has hosted a conference dedicated to specific topic areas rather than a broad approach exclusively dedicated to the school counseling profession.

This is why we are encouraging school counselors to share the lineup of keynote speakers and workshop topics with their administrators and teachers. The way we see it - all educators can benefit from knowing more about addressing such topics as student mental health and race-based trauma in this time of civil unrest and Covid19. Beyond the three phenomenal Keynote Speakers we've told you about, we have added a new renown individual to our keynote line - California Surgeon General, TedTalk presenter and author - Dr. Nadine Harris Burke. Dr. Burke will be speaking on Adverse Childhood Trauma. This is just one more reason to invite others to attend! There are an array of experts from around the state and country to show you techniques and strategies towards addressing prevailing issues facing educators today. Whether virtual or face to face, this is an affordable conference not to miss. By signing up, you will have access to 50+ workshops, all with Q&A opportunities and recorded so that you can go back and review the material at your convenience. To download the flyer, specifically for teachers and administrators click the, "Read More" button below. To register, click here.

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