Schools on the Frontline

Dr. Carl Cohn was one of the keynote speakers for CASC's virtual conference last week.
His inspiring address to attendees described his childhood struggles and the insights that he has learned in his journey as a former school counselor, administrator, and superintendent. In July 2020, Dr. Cohn began a new endeavor as a host and interviewer of a podcast entitled "Schools on the Front Line." These weekly podcasts engage district and state leaders in addressing the immense challenge of reopening schools amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the movement for racial justice, and all are available for review through EdSource.

Of particular interest is last week's podcast where Dr. Cohn addressed one of the most challenging — and hidden — aspects of the pandemic: the mental health needs of students and their teachers. Carl spoke with Dr. Jeannine Topalian, president of the California Association of School Psychologists, and CASC's very own executive director Dr. Loretta Whitson. The discussion centered on the lack of mental health resources in our schools and the additional challenges posed by the pandemic. Delivering services to students is no easy feat in a remote learning environment, but Dr. Topalian and Dr. Whitson explained how their members hope to get it done. Click here to listen.