CASC Conference Showcases Visionary Speakers sharing Mind-Expanding Ideas

FEATURING E. Toby Boyd, President, California Teachers Association (CTA) THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 28 (9:10 AM)

This year's opening address for CASC's state conference will feature E. Toby Boyd, California Teachers Association (CTA) President. Prior to becoming the President of CTA, Mr. Boyd had a 25-year teaching career in the Elk Grove Unified School District. Most of Boyd's time as a teacher was spent with kindergarten students. In 2019, Boyd was elected CTA president after two terms as CTA District E Governing Board member.  As President of CTA, Boyd represented the interest and needs of the education community in California. He is a strong advocate for the implementation of universal access to preschool for all California's children. Currently, Boyd serves on The Governor's Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery and is the Co-Chair of the new State Senate Subcommittee on Loss of Learning and Safe Recovery from the Disruption and Devastation caused by COVID-19.
Boyd's message stresses the valued gain from the influential partnership between CTA and CASC. He will also highlight some of the work that has been done to influence state policy towards more mental health supports, resulting in a significant increase in the California school counselor workforce. He will also recognize the exceptional support school counselors have made with students across California during this challenging time due to the COVID-19 virus.