CASC Conference Showcases Visionary Speakers sharing Mind-Expanding Ideas

FEATURING Derik Francis, Manager of Counseling Services for Minneapolis Public Schools
CASC's 21st annual conference is fast approaching (October 28-29, 2021) with a fantastic lineup with over 40 workshops and four keynote speakers. This article is the beginning of a series of writings featuring some of these dynamic speakers and presenters. The conference will be virtual this year, with our high hopes to return to an in-person conference in 2022. One fantastic feature of hosting a virtual conference is that content will be available for an entire year. Yes — 365 days! As busy as school counselors are right now, we wanted to give you the flexibility within your schedule to meet your professional development needs. You will have access to over 40 hours of content that can be viewed in real-time, or later — you choose. Click here to register.

The first featured presenter is returning to us from last year. Derek Francis is the Manager of Counseling Services for Minneapolis Public Schools and Professional Development Specialist for Hatching Results. Derek has led a number of professional development trainings for counselors and educators across the country. Following the murder of George Floyd, Derek led a virtual training attended by over 30,000 entitled, "Proactive School Counseling After a Major Racial Incident." Some of Derek's published work includes contributions to Contemporary Case Studies in School Counseling, published blog "This Is Not A Fire Drill – Supporting Students after George Floyd" and July/August publication articles for American School Counselors Association and American School Board Journal. Derek was quoted in a recent Time Magazine article titled "You Can't Be Silent, Brace for Presidential Election." Derek's believes that school counselors are key to bridging our country's racial divide.

Derek's presentation will reflect on lessons learned for educators following the murder of George Floyd. He will discuss what schools are doing in Minneapolis, as well as throughout the country to create more equitable and inclusive school environments, including how school counselors are ideally positioned to make a huge difference in our school systems and in children's lives. His message will conclude by asking what we can do next. Derek's moving message will be delivered Friday morning, October 28, 2021.