CASC Conference Showcases Visionary Speakers sharing Mind-Expanding Ideas

FEATURING Lori Woodley, CEO, All It Takes
CASC's 21st annual conference is fast approaching (October 28-29, 2021) with a fantastic lineup of over 40 workshops and four keynote speakers. This article is the third of a series of writings featuring some of these dynamic speakers and presenters. The conference will be virtual this year, with high hopes to return to an in-person conference in 2022. One fantastic feature of hosting a virtual conference is that content will be available for an entire year. Yes – 365 days! As busy as school counselors are right now, we wanted to give you the flexibility within your schedule to meet your professional development needs. You will have access to over 40 hours of content that can be viewed in real-time, or later — you choose. Click here to register.

Lori Woodley will be presenting on: School Counselors: The heart of every school. As the pandemic rages on and uncertainty remains the norm, school counselors bring the heart and healing to all those they serve. Counselors deserve to also embrace their own wellbeing. Finding grace in the chaos supports our ability to pour vibrantly from a full cup!

Lori has long championed school counselors. She advocates that school counselors are critical leaders in every aspect as catalysts for whole-child healing across education systems. She is the co-founder and CEO of All It Takes, a non-profit organization that teaches courageous and compassionate influence and leadership through social emotional literacy skills. Lori holds a MS in Educational Counseling as well as a Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential in the State of California. Lori has authored and co-authored a number of publications including Building Trusted Spaces in 5 Days, ©2020, Leadership Development Through Physical Education, ©2015, version 1.3 – 2021, and Shine Your Light, ©2017. Lori will be presenting Friday afternoon 10/29/21.