SJEAR Committee Releases "Becoming an Anti-Racist School Counselor"

CASC's Social Justice, Equity, and Anti-Racism Committee released a document entitled "Becoming an Anti-Racist School Counselor" at our October 2021 conference. This document is free and a must have for all school counselors.
School counselors play a key role in the school community as advocates for all
students to provide equitable access through comprehensive school counseling
programs. Equitable comprehensive school counseling includes self-awareness of
personal biases and collaboration with all stakeholders to actively work toward being
anti-racist and creating an action plan that is inclusive for all students. The action plan
may include providing staff professional development on equity, teaching classroom
lessons on racism, creating a culturally inclusive space, highlighting student cultures,
and having courageous conversations. The California Association of School
Counselors (CASC) is committed to providing insight on how to be an anti-racist
school counselor. This guide provides strategies and resources to implement as an
anti-racist school counselor with an inclusive program.

Download a full copy