Student Mental Health Summit May 12, 2023

You asked, NorCal - We answered! 

It has been four years since CASC hosted a professional development event in Northern California. You wrote to us about how much you missed us being in the north, and we listened. You deserve to be refreshed, to network with colleagues and to learn effective strategies for addressing student mental health. 

More than ever, school counselors are called to provide challenging mental health interventions.  We use multiple skill sets based on psychological principles, coupled with methods and procedures including predicting and influencing behavior pertaining to learning, perception, motivation, emotion, and interpersonal relationships. Staying up to date on various methodologies and techniques is essential! School counselors' work includes prevention, treatment, and amelioration of psychological problems. It is not simple. And…school counselors do all of this while juggling daunting caseloads and maintaining numerous other responsibilities. We know anytime a school counselor takes a day away from school, it is challenging. However, I hope you choose to attend. It will be an enriching experience with information and skills that you can use immediately with your students.  

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