Press Release: 8-20-23: Pupil Confidentiality (School Counselors), Board Responsibilities & Discrimination

Within the state of California, a set of comprehensive rules has been established to govern the conduct of school counselors. These rules encompass the vital aspects of pupil confidentiality and outline the obligations of LEAs to uphold the associated laws. It is imperative that all educational institutions and professionals recognize and respect these laws to safeguard the privacy and well-being of our students.

The California Association of School Counselors has created an advisory out of growing concern regarding student confidentiality within Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and school board policies. It has come to our attention that a limited number of LEAs have been implementing policies that not only contravene student confidentiality laws but also deviate from established professional standards.

To ensure the protection of students' rights and privacy, it is crucial for all school counselors to fully comprehend and adhere to the laws and legal opinions governing pupil confidentiality. The advisory provides clear guidelines and responsibilities for LEAs in maintaining the highest standards of pupil confidentiality.  

The California Association of School Counselors
Advisory on Pupil Confidentiality
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