President's Letter: New Beginnings, New Possibilities

By Amy Dauble

As a little girl, I would get so excited about the beginning of the school year. There were so many things to look forward to – a new teacher, new classroom and new things to learn! As I grew older, I kept the same excitement about new beginnings.
I always felt that beginnings created space and opening for change and inspiration. However, new beginnings can also be scary, intimidating and stressful. What helps you get through the new beginnings, positive or negative? 
What has comforted me during times of change, transitions or new beginnings are the supportive people in my life. Their support came in different forms – friends smiling at me, teachers giving me encouragement or Mom giving me one of her best Mom hugs. When I felt supported, I felt secure in change, transition and new beginnings. I even felt inspired to do my best, be confident and grow. 
Students often look to us, their school counselors, during their new beginnings. The kindergartner on their very first day of school, the student who didn't have the best summer, or those students who simply want your famous school counselor high five on the first day. It is so exciting that as school counselors and collaborators in a child's education team, we are part of so many new beginnings for our students. Let's make it a positive one.
A new school year is a new beginning for all of us. Look back and appreciate the experiences you've had during your summer. Take a look at your dreams and goals for the new school year and allow yourself the ability to accomplish them. Don't be discouraged if something goes wrong on the first day, first week or first month. Every single day is an opportunity for you to start anew – a 24-hour reset button, another chance to move closer to your goals. 
As I start my new beginning as your state president, I am inspired and looking forward to what lies ahead for the largest state school counseling association in the nation. Yes, at the American School Counselor Association Delegate Assembly in Los Angeles recently, we learned that CASC has had significant gains in our membership and in the number of counselors working in our schools. This means that many of you are working with lower ratios, schools have counselors where there were none, and districts are, as part of their Local Control Accountability Plan, establishing goals aligned with the work school counselors do. While several factors contributed to the hiring of more California school counselors, I am convinced from my four years on the CASC board that our advocacy in Sacramento truly made a difference!
I am also proud to announce the opening of our new CASC Office and Training Center in Ontario, Calif. We anticipate using our training center to host professional development events for school counselors including boot camps, certificate-level trainings and seminars. My thanks to Jeff Ream, CASC Technology chair, who has also equipped our facility with the technology to host webinars.
Last, I am excited for what this school year will bring with increased professional opportunities, collaboration with stakeholders and positive growth for school counselors in California. I am grateful to be the president of CASC at this time of growth, influence and possibility. Thank you all for electing me. On behalf of our CASC board, we promise to uphold the CASC mission to “promote excellence in the profession of school counseling.” Have a great school year.

Amy Dauble-Madigan

Amy Dauble-Madigan