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Are you interested in becoming a Solution Focused Counseling and Climate Specialist?
Are you interested in becoming a Solution Focused Counseling and Climate Specialist?The SFCCS Academy will be offered this spring beginning Feb. 5 in Sacramento, California. SFCCS is a new certificated program for California. The training is designed to provide a solid understanding of solution-focused counseling strategies, and the application of those strategies with teachers and other school staff members to be utilized in a classroom setting. A certified SFCCS will have the knowledge to create responsive and welcoming school systems and will be trained to train others in solution focused concepts known to improve student outcomes. The training provides participants with basic and advance solution focused strategies along with strategies in instruction, leadership and adult learning methodology. There are two options from which to choose: 

Option 1: February 5, 2019 (6.5 hours) 
Attend Day-1 training to learn and fine-tune your Solution Focused Counseling Skills. This training will give attendees a broad-based perspective of the model, complete with techniques that can be used immediately with students. This training will include many varied experiential exercises so that participants understand themselves, how the model works and applies directly to school related issues. Breakfast and lunch are included. 

Option 2:
  • Attend Day-1 (February 5, 2019) training (see above);
  • Complete 15-hours of structured solution focused activities and interventions with examples recorded and submitted for review;
  • Attend 2-hour webinar in March 2019 (Date TBD);
  • Attend Day-2 (April 28, 2019) training (in Sacramento) to complete final certification and requirements (6.5 hours)
This option will provide you with supportive resources that can help you obtain mastery while completing the assignments. The assignments will be pertinent to each individual's school and are designed to help you apply the solution focused approach in the most successful and applicable manner. 

Payment Options: 
Option 1: Feb. 5th training only = $159 / member or $199 / non-member 
Option 2: Certification Package = $749 / member or $849 / non-member 

CASC Solution Focused Counseling and Climate Specialist is a great option for school counselors! We believe that intensive training academies provide school counselors with in-depth knowledge, skills, and confidence in areas important to the school community. 

Registration will open Dec. 1! To register please click here. 

About the Trainer: Linda Metcalf, PhD, LMFT is the author of eleven books including Counseling Toward Solutions (1995, 2008, Wiley), Teaching Toward Solutions (Crown House, 2005), Marriage and Family Therapy: A Practice Oriented Approach (Springer, 2011, 2019). She has presented hundreds of seminars in the United States, Australia, Japan, Newfoundland, Germany, Scotland, England, Norway, Amsterdam, Singapore, Thailand, Canada and China. She is also the Past President of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and Past President of the Texas Association for Marriage and Family therapy. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband Roger. Together, they are proud parents of three adult children, Roger Jr., Kelli and Ryan and two golden retrievers named Ringo and Ranger.