2019 H.B. McDaniel Foundation Scholarship Recipients

The H.B. McDaniel Foundation awarded four students with distinctive scholarships during its 45th Annual H.B. McDaniel Foundation Banquet. 
The scholarships acknowledge the research and service of counselors in training while honoring former Stanford University Professor and eminent state counseling leader Dr. H.B. McDaniel who left a legacy of educational excellence, leadership, and service. 

This year, the McDaniel Foundation offered three unique scholarships: The Dale C. Burklund Memorial Research Scholarship which honors the legacy of Dale C. Burklund, a school counselor, dean, teacher, and leader in innovative research and assessment projects at local, state, and national levels. Dr. Burklund developed an exceptional career guidance program still used in many schools today. This scholarship recognizes the promise of graduate students in school counseling through research and counseling interventions. Congratulations to Kerry Larratt the recipient of the Dale C. Burklund Memorial Research Scholarship. 

Memorial Service ScholarshipThe James William Allen Memorial Service Scholarship is in honor of James William Allen, as a memorial to his giving spirit and dedicated service to all the students and families whose lives he touched. James William Allen was dedicated to his work with all students and families to help young people attain their academic goals and reach their potential. This scholarship celebrates the outstanding service that emergent school counselors provide for their students, families, and schools. This year, the H.B. McDaniel Foundation honored two recipients of this prestigious scholarship. Congratulations to Charles "Luke" Lintott and Ikram Aweys the recipients of the James William Allen Service Scholarship. 

Career Development ScholarshipThe H.B. McDaniel Foundation is thrilled to celebrate the extensive academic, research, and publication record of Dr. John D. Krumboltz through the John D. Krumboltz Career Development Scholarship. A professor of education and psychology at Stanford University since 1961 and recent Professor Emeritus, Dr. Krumboltz's contributions to the fields of counseling psychology and career counseling are significant, innumerable and lasting. This year, the H.B. McDaniel Foundation honored Elijio Arreguin as the recipient of the John D. Krumboltz Career Development Scholarship. 

Congratulations to the four recipients of these three prestigious scholarships. May their research, service, and career development continue to enrich their academic trajectory as they continue to embark onto their journey of becoming future school counselors.