It was a great day for all PPS Credential Programs on Thursday, April 11, 2019. It was an especially proud day for CASC as several of us were on the California Commission on the Teacher Credentialing PPS work group. 
It was a two-year process to get to this momentous day! Our Standard and Performance Expectations have not been updated for 20 years! That was before Columbine! The item was received very positively and it held a meaningful presentation and discussion. 

It has been an honor serving on your behalf as a member of the work group, as the Commissioner representing all non-administrative service credentials and as the Commission Liaison to the PPS Work group. 

I would like to also thank the rest of this incredible work group (School Counselor work group) Shyrea Minton, Dr. Loretta Whitson, Paul Meyers, Dr. Caroline Lopez- Perry, Catalina Cifuntes, Dr. Elvia Estrella, Dr. Thierry Kolpin, and Danielle Duarte. 

A special thank you to the CTC staff, Dr. Mary Vixie Sandy, Terri Clark, Lynette Roby, and Karen Sacramento. 

Click here to view the link to the CTC webpage with the Newly Adopted PPS Standards and Performance Expectations and timeline.