More School Counselors Working in California Schools

A national article was released last week stressing the growing call for more youth mental health services and how states are tackling this issue by hiring more school counselors. The article includes two school counseling professionals from California — Kathy Rapkin, 2017 CA School Counselor of the Year and Dr. Loretta Whitson, CASC Executive Director. They draw attention to the significant progress California has made in increasing the number of school counselors working in California schools over the past five years. The article can be accessed here

While we know the school counseling ratios in California remain significantly hire than the national average (464:1), the graph below does show that substantial progress. Of the 36,000 professional school counselors working around the globe, nearly 10,000 of those school counselors are located in California. CASC is proud of the advocacy work they do every day on behalf of you. The 2019 State of the State presentation will be delivered on Oct. 3 in Riverside California during CASC state conference. Please attend that morning session to learn more about the local and state efforts being made toward continuous improvement in decreasing school counselor ratios in California.