School Counselors Needs Assessment During COVID-19

As schools across the nation are in varying stages in offering school counseling services and are preparing for a long shutdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a group of school counseling leaders have come together to support your work, and in this effort, we are interested in determining and prioritizing your needs.

The Covid-19 School Counseling Emergency Task Force (C19-SCETF) is a joint multi-state, multi-regional effort to address the prevailing Pre-K-12th grade student needs resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Our aim is to provide accurate and timely information and resources for school counseling in their transition to a virtual counseling platform.To this end, we are gathering information representative of the needs of our school counseling community. Please complete the needs assessment survey at the end of this email.The survey is designed to determine the current situations and identify issues for us to act on. By filling out the survey, you will be helping us establish the essential foundation for vital planning and actions in weeks to come. 
Thank you,