Offering School Counseling Remotely: Podcasts, Webinars and Information Worth Reviewing

CASC is actively screening resources and gathering information that we believe will be the most helpful to you at this time of wide-scale change and distress for our students, their families and our colleagues.
Below are several excellent resources we suggest you review and share. With the potential of wide-scale loss of life the first two resources address grief, loss and speaking to children in ways that reduces trauma. The third resource is from ASCA regarding legal, ethical and other considerations pertinent to school counselors. The last resource is from National Association of School Psychologist (NASP) which offers other important considerations that I often use:
  1. There are several excellent podcasts from the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. In particle, there is a presentation designed for educators and another presentation designed for parents. It gives participants very practical ideas on how to talk to students and children during the pandemic. It also has valuable links to additional information. Click here to view.
  2. Another excellent resource is from the Coalition to Support Grieving Students. Click here to view.
  3. To conclude, thank you to ASCA for their support at the national level in this time of challenge. They have several webinars available for on-demand viewing: Ethical Considerations: School Counseling in a Virtual Setting (parts one and two), School Counseling in an Online WorldThe Power to Motivate and Celebrate College Signing Day Online are all available for online viewing on ASCA On Air.
  4. National Association of School Psychologist — includes a downloadable poster and specific information for families, educators, crisis, and mental health.