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The following sessions will support the College & Career Readiness strand of content*:
Empower Students with Career Self-Management Skills
John Merris-Coots, Education Programs Consultant, California Department of Education
Counselors will learn how they can use the California Department of Education California Career Resource Network program’s free online and mobile career exploration tools to strengthen a student’s self-concept by equipping them with the career self-management skills necessary to identify and pursue a chosen life-work path. Presentation will primarily be a live demonstration of online resources. Attendees will receive a handout providing resource summary information and links to all resources.
Helping Students Discover Their Ikigai
Lezya Weglarz, School Counselor, San Marcos Unified School District
Now, more than ever, school counselors have an opportunity to reengage students in education in a meaningful way. Supporting students in discovering their ikigai, a Japanese word meaning “reason for being” or "life purpose" is at the heart of the work of a school counselor. The concept of ikigai can serve as a powerful compass to help students navigate college, career and life decisions. Discover strategies to support students in identifying what they love to do, what they are good at, what the world needs, and what they can get paid to do. Walk away with resources to take all college and career lessons to a deeper and more meaningful level. I will be sharing a resource list and digital folder aligning with the different components that make up ikigai.
Finding Our Way Forward Out of the Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Understanding Covid-Melt
Diana Camillo, Assistant Professor, California State University, San Bernardino
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a national crisis of educational disruption and disengagement across the P-16 pipeline. This session will focus on direct high school to college enrollment, persistence, and completion. The presenters conducted surveys with local San Diego and Inland Empire students to acquire a deeper understanding of the unique needs they face and compared these findings with a national survey sample. The presenters will share what was learned from the students and a set of recommendations for all school counselors who assist students with postsecondary planning during and after the pandemic. Resources will be shared.
Increase College & Career Readiness Using Tier 2 Root Cause Surveys to Capture Student Voice
Becky Love, Lead Professional Development Specialist, Hatching Results, LLC
This session will take a deep dive into Tier 2 strategies for students needing a differentiated approach in identifying a postsecondary plan and enrollment in appropriate a-g, CTE, and Honors courses. Best practice is to start with a Root Cause Survey in order for the school counselor to identify the most appropriate intervention and to afford students an opportunity to be heard! Please join us for creative and successful Root Cause Survey development and analysis of data! Free resources will be provided!
Preparing Students for a Mobile World
Apple Education
At Apple, we believe that great technology in the hands of many can change the world. And that begins with empowering every student with great learning experiences that are connected, collaborative, creative, and personal. We see these principles at work in the most innovative schools, the workplace, and the world. Join us to explore what’s possible with Apple technology in learning and discuss strategies for building the future of learning.

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*Subject to change.