Workshops/Presentations - Thursday

Below are some of the great workshops and presentations that will be available at the 2019 CASC Conference and Expo in Riverside! This year’s conference is focused around six core topics:

  1. Reach Higher for College and Career Readiness
  2. Safe and Supportive Schools
  3. Evidence Based School Counseling
  4. Mental Health in Schools
  5. Social Justice and Equity
  6. School Counselor Preparation and Counselor Education

Supporting these topics will be the following sessions*:

  • Motivational interviewing for school counselors
  • The ASCA National Model: How is the NEW Edition Different?
  • Addressing the vaping epidemic within a tiered system of support
  • Digging deeper into the Tier 2 intervention process: Assessing readiness and collecting process, perception and outcome data
  • Adapting to middle school: A group intervention for increasing student achievement
  • Promoting safety, inclusion, and well-being for LGBTQIA+ students
  • College Prep or Prison Prep? California schools with cops but no counselors
  • A comprehensive approach to bullying prevention
  • Myths and misconceptions: Marijuana and the California student
  • Today's foster youth: How to create a comprehensive foster youth support program on your campus
  • School counselors: Coordinating homeless education at the school level
  • "Show me the Money!" One school's financial aid story: A five-year odyssey
  • Senior Bridge: A program that provides navigation, access, and equity
  • Host a college and career signing day
  • Essential strategies for lesson plans
  • The keys for RAMPing your program: 12 tips for unlocking a comprehensive school counseling program!
  • Effective and efficient K-8 school counseling: cracking the code to establishing a school-wide proactive social-emotional learning curriculum
  • Trauma-informed educators: How to advocate, educate, and collaborate to help children learn
  • Declutter the mind: Strategies to reduce student anxiety and improve academic achievement
  • Leaning into the Discomfort: Seeing students through a trauma-informed lens
  • Elementary school level forum
  • Middle school level forum
  • High school level forum
  • Counselor Educator forum
  • Community college/non-traditional school counselor forum
  • District level forum
  • Northern California Forum
  • Central California Forum
  • Southern California Forum
  • Los Angeles County Area Forum
*Subject to change.