Workshops/Presentations - Friday

Below are the great workshops and presentations that will be available at the 2019 CASC Conference and Expo in Riverside! This year’s conference is focused around six core topics:

  1. Reach Higher for College and Career Readiness
  2. Safe and Supportive Schools 
  3. Evidence Based School Counseling
  4. Mental Health in Schools
  5. School Counselor Preparation and Counselor Education
  6. Social Justice and Equity
Supporting these topics will be the following sessions*:
  • Practical tips and tricks to organize your core counseling curriculum
  • Just A.S.K. Designing and implementing effective pre/post tests
  • Supporting career readiness with CalCRN resources
  • Creating student-centered systems of support to advocate for LGBTQIA+ youth
  • Delivering marijuana education using a multi-tiered system of support
  • Gender identity awareness and inclusion: Developing and implementing a K-5 curriculum to support all students
  • Meeting school goals through effective use of interns
  • Counseling district leaders wanted: Having a greater impact in the field of school counseling
  • The NEW CTC Standards: What counselor educators and school counselors need to know
  • Disarming racial microaggression in our schools
  • The teachable moment: Responding to LGBTQ and gender comments and questions for elementary educators
  • School counselors as change agents: Addressing educational inequities and improving achievement gaps
  • HBCU 101: Promoting the historically Black college and university option
  • Dual enrollment: Top 10 tips for a successful program
  • Achieving the dream: The high school counselor's role in supporting the transition of undocumented college-bound students
  • Leveraging your power to influence as a transformational leader
  • STRIVE scholars program: Supporting first-generation students through decolonial and cultural wealth frameworks
  • The Counselor's Essential Role in CAMTSS
  • Recovering the Joy: Maintaining career satisfaction as a school counselor through self-exploration
  • Healing centered trauma sensitive approaches to urban youth engagement
  • A Song for You: The crucial roles of school counselors in suicide prevention and school mental health
*Subject to change.