SoCal Workshop - Feb 7

February 7, 2017    8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

In celebration of National School Counseling Week 2017, CASC will be hosting a full day workshop in southern California. On Tuesday, February 7, Dr. Linda Metcalf will provide a full day of dynamic training in Solution Focused Counseling. This workshop is designed to cater to both the novice and seasoned school counseling professional. Admission for CASC members is only $78, and $48 for current graduate student members. Each admission includes a catered lunch.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity! Space is limited so register today!

A Narrative Counseling Approach to Counseling Toward Solutions
with Dr. Linda Metcalf
What do you do when a student is so emotional over a parent's divorce that coming to school and concentrating is near impossible?  What about the high school student whose boyfriend continues to verbally abuse her and stays in your office constantly without a clue on what to do differently?  And the teacher who puts down kids in the classroom...what's that about?  How do you approach teachers who mean well but come across negatively?  And the parent who tries to reach her junior high son in an offensive manner, without success...what to do?
This workshop will introduce how the solution focused counseling model and narrative counseling model can work together and show how the combination adds a rich, meaningful creative process to solving all kinds of school problems. Creating one more tool, the combination provides ideas for conversations that build on exceptions yet also acknowledge meaning and values of students, parents in teachers.  Doing so, seems to create an atmosphere of understanding that is emotionally comfortable for school clients.  
To get these ideas across, a variety of exercises and videos will  be presented so that the school counselor  gains skills to use the ideas with a variety of school concerns such as bullying, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma and more.  Ideas for elementary, junior high and high school will be presented.  The day will be full of learning together and with each other, perhaps solving a few personal concerns along the way!  The new model will present a sort of pallet of ideas to the school counselor to try when things seem hopeless, yet still utilizing the competencies of the school client and the solution focused approach to seeking solutions. 
This workshop will be based on a new book, A Solution Focused Approach to Narrative Therapy, (Metcalf, L., 2017. Springer Publishers) which will be published in April, 2017.  During the workshop, handouts will be provided, illustrating the approach and discussions about how to use the ideas will be encouraged.

Linda Metcalf is a national leader and expert in Solution Focus Counseling. She is an author of eight books on solution-focused therapy and derives her expertise, in part, to her experience as a former school counselor. She is currently a Professor at Texas Wesleyan University.  We are fortunate to have her expertise as a sought-after trainer to thousands of counselors nationally and internationally.  She will provide workshop attendees with central concepts of solutions focused counseling that will help enhance their solution-focused counseling abilities with the students they serve.