Identity, Mission, Goals

Identity Statement

The California Association of School Counselors, Inc. is a professional organization, which provides leadership and advocacy for the profession of school counseling in California.

Mission Statement

The mission of the California Association of School Counselors, Inc. is to promote excellence in the profession of school counseling.

Goal Statement

The goals of the California Association of School Counselors, Inc. are:

  • Initiating, advocating, and supporting the improvement of school counseling programs.

  • Advocating for the implementation of comprehensive school counseling and guidance programs that are based on the National Standards for School Counseling.

  • Developing and distributing information to support the delivery of effective school counseling programs.

  • Promoting and publishing research relevant to school counseling.

  • Developing, promoting, and providing leadership for legislation and policy regarding the role of school counselors in relation to education programs and student needs.

  • Promoting and encouraging continuous improvement in the preparation, on-going training, and professional development of school counselors.

  • Establishing and promoting ethical standards for school counselors. Establishing cooperation and collaboration with appropriate associations, agencies and community groups regarding school counseling.

  • Empowering school counselors to proactively guide all California students to achieve their full potential in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social development.

  • Protecting the integrity of school counseling programs.