Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Solution Focused Counselor & Climate Specialist Certification

Q: Does the cost for the February 4th conference cover the cost for February 5th?
A: No, these are two separate events and must be paid separately. 
Q: Do I need to fill out a registration form if I already filled one out for the February 4th conference?
A: Yes, since these are two different events we will need two different registration forms completed. 
Q: Can one PO cover both the conference and the SFCCS certification?
A: Yes. As long as both items are on the same purchase order, only a single $20 PO fee will apply.
Q: Will the certification have to be renewed?
A: No, this is a one-time certification. 
Q: What happens if I pay for the certification package but can't complete some or all of the steps?
A: Certification will not be issued without completion of all three steps.
Q: I want to be certified but I can't go to all of the trainings; will there be a webinar for them?
A: There are two mandatory face-to-face training sessions which will not be available in webinar form.
Q: Can I attend the February 5th training and then if I decide I want to be certified add on the rest of the package?
A: Yes. You will have the option to upgrade to the certification package once you complete the February 5 training. The additional registration fees will be $699/member or $749/non-member. 

Where will the April 28, 2019 Academy (Step 3) take place?
A: A venue has not yet been secured; however, it will be in the Sacramento area. 

Q: How can I obtain a duplicate receipt?
A: Please contact our customer service department at or by calling (909) 815-5222.

Does CASC have a discount for rooms at the DoubleTree Hotel, Sacramento for the February 5 event?
A: Yes! Please go to the Accommodations and Directions page of our site for details and to book your hotel.

Q: Are credits available for Feb. 5th?
A: No, credits are not available.