Emeriti Committee

The CASC Emeriti Committee was formed in 2016 The committee is comprised of individuals who have contributed to the field of school counseling including past leaders in CASC. The committee meets a minimum of once a year at the CASC office. That meeting is designed to maintain bonds built over the years of advocacy efforts.  It is also designed to keep committee members up to date on the latest developments in the field of school counseling and to discuss ways to continue to contribute to the profession.

Currently this committee oversee the graduate student scholarships. Additionally, they have explored other opportunities to support the CASC mission and goals such as mentoring current school counselors and collaborating with CASC Emerging Leaders Program. To be considered for this committee:
  • individuals must be a current member of CASC;
  • worked in the field of school counseling for a minimum of 15 years;
  • made significant contributions to the field of school counseling --  including serving in a national, state or local leadership position on behalf of the school counseling profession;
  • and/or have made significant scholarly contributions to the field of school counseling.

If you are interested in joining the Emeriti Committee at CASC, please download an application and submit any questions to Kathy Pelzer at kathy.pelzer@schoolcounselor-ca.org or call (909) 815-5222.

Thank you for considering being a part of the CASC Emeriti Committee!