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Thursday, May 9, 2024

If You Believe in Early Intervention, Then You Need to Bring Screening and Tier 2 to Life

Start Date: 5/9/2024 3:30 PM PDT
End Date: 5/9/2024 4:30 PM PDT

Organization Name: California Association of School Counselors

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Email: casc@schoolcounselor-ca.org
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Early intervention is about providing early and timely intervention as close to the time when a student’s need emerges. Too often services are reactive and treatment-heavy with limited success. When there is a lack of screening and a weak Tier 2 system of support, many students look like they need more intensive support. This presentation will focus on how to implement effective screening to proactively detect students with a need for mental health support. In addition, educators will understand how to implement a Tier 2 system of support from beginning to end including how to match support to the root cause that explains why a student’s need exists.

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Your Presenter
Dr. Clay Cook is the Chief Development Officer at CharacterStrong and is an implementation scientist, psychologist, and former paraprofessional and middle school math teacher. He has spent the past 15 years working in partnership with school systems across the country to support the implementation of effective practices that promote better and more equitable outcomes for students. He has been a professor and researcher at three universities (Louisiana State University, University of Washington, and University of Minnesota) studying topics such as implementation of evidence-based practices, educator well-being and resilience, social-emotional learning, and youth mental health.