Partnerships & Endorsements

Adopted 3/28/09, Revised 3/11/16
1) GOAL: To promote and facilitate CASC collaboration with other organizations or associations who share a common interest or goal.
2) PURPOSE: To form guidelines with public and private organizations toward the advancement of the school counseling profession and the students of California.
There are a number of factors associated with forming partnerships and authorizing endorsement.  The list below includes possible areas that CASC could potential collaborate with. The list below includes possible areas of potential collaboration with CASC:

  • Exchange of newsletters, publications, and other relevant information
  • Promotion of writing articles for other’s newsletters
  • Recognition and promotion of each other’s organization when appropriate
  • Allow logo to be used on publications that CASC endorses
  • Participate or co-sponsorship of events
  • Endorsements of policy statements or legislation (Candidates for public office cannot be endorsed)
  • Endorsement of a professional development event such as conferences, regional training, and online workshops
  • Endorsement of publications

3) USE of CASC Logo
When CASC allows for their logo to be used to represent a partnership agreement of an endorsement, the logo cannot be altered, with the exception of size.
4) METHOD: An application is available for interested organizations/individuals may be downloaded from the CASC website and emailed to the CASC Business Manager. All collaboration requests will be reviewed by the Executive Director and forwarded to the President who at their discretion will submit the proposal for Board approval. Electronic votes are allowed provided they are confirmed at the next board meeting.  CASC reserves the right to approve or deny any application.

Partnership or Endorsement agreements are typically unique and tailored to the needs and interests of all parties entering into the agreement. Agreements can be monetary or in-kind in nature. Informal partnerships may be created by members of the Board of Directors with other organizations, business and/or industries from time to time in keeping with the goals of the Association and in response to organizational planning and the needs of the membership. Agreements or endorsements must have prior approval of the CASC Executive Director before submitting approval to the CASC Board of Directors for a vote.  Informal partnerships must have approval of the CASC Executive Director.

Download a Partnership & Endorsement Application