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The following sessions will support the Safe & Supportive Schools strand of content*:
Counselors as Leaders: The Compass to Whole Child Wellbeing
Lori Woodley-Langendorff, CEO, All It Takes
School counselors are the center of the student universe, experts at reading the multi directional compass of Whole Child wellbeing. Carrying this responsibility is as daunting as it is fulfilling and we are stronger and more effective when we embrace our powerful role as irreplaceable leaders. The education ecosystem needs our leadership and resistance can be navigated with small shifts that will bridge barriers with your leadership and colleagues while expanding your impact for all students.
Elementary Level Tier 1 Interventions
Diego Castro, School Counselor, Livingston Union School District
During this session, presenters will share strategies for school counselors on how to deliver various tier 1 level interventions. The presentation will include examples of classroom instruction and school-wide initiatives for every domain. Attendees will receive access to a Google drive folder with resources that will aid their school sites in delivering tier 1 interventions of their own.
Today's Foster Youth: How to Create a Comprehensive Foster Youth Support Program on Your Campus
Jenna Mendez, TK-12 District Foster Youth Counselor/Liaison, Corona-Norco Unified School District
Foster youth are often the “invisible” underserved population. Participants will learn how to create a comprehensive academic and social/emotional program serving the needs of today’s foster youth. The presentation will include academic supports, on-campus programs, mentorships, district and community outreach, career readiness, resources, and how to build meaningful relationships for this at-risk population. Financial limitations/options, and ideas for all grade levels will be discussed.
Exploring the Intersection of Gender Diversity and Neurodiversity
Tamara Nabulsi (she/her), Graduate Student, Chapman University
This session will help school counselors recognize and support the unique needs of students with intersecting neurodiverse and gender-diverse identities. Presenters will discuss practical action items including knowledge of laws and policies, affirming student identities, providing opportunities for gender exploration, helping students build communication and self-advocacy skills, and fostering inclusive school climates. A digital toolkit of resources will be provided to attendees.
Life Skills: What Every Student Needs
Vincenzo Capone, Managing Director, Overcoming Obstacles
Communicating effectively. Making good decisions. Setting and achieving goals. These are essential skills that everyone must learn in order to succeed in life. But how do we teach these skills effectively, and what resources are available to us? This workshop will explore the impact of teaching students life skills, model best practices through hands-on activities, and explain how to partner with colleagues and caregivers to reinforce skill development in all areas of a student’s life.

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*Subject to change.