California Association of School Counselors (CASC) invites you to take action in bringing awareness to the important issue of student mental health, and the mental health of students in this challenging time of COVID-19. We are asking that decisive action be taken to rally all school staff and the community to use this week as a focal point to teach, talk and learn about children and adolescent mental health. We ask that you use the hashtag #CA4studentmentalhealth with all events and activities so that we are able to celebrate your creativity and implementation statewide.

RATIONAL FOR ACTION: The need for comprehensive, coordinated mental health services for students in school is a critical responsibility for schools as part of an overall education plan, and it is appropriate that a week should be set aside each year for the direction of our thoughts towards our students’ mental health and well-being. 

Students' mental health needs too often go unnoticed or unaddressed at school. Latest studies indicate that one in five students have mental health issues and adverse childhood experiences have lasting harmful impacts and can leave students feeling disenfranchised if not addressed.  Early identification of, intervention in, and treatment of mental health and behavioral issues is paramount for a healthy student body and school community. Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health will empower students to speak up when they need help. The need for comprehensive, coordinated mental health services for students is critical and needs to be a part of the overall educational program for schools. 


California Assembly Concurrent Resolution ACR 179 (O’Donnell)

declares May 9-13, 2022 as Student Mental Health Week

We thank Assemblymember O’Donnell for his support in sponsoring this legislation and drawing attention to Californians about the necessity of meeting ALL of our children’s and youths’ mental health needs.


Request for Participation ACR 179 Student Mental Health Week

Sample support letter for Student Mental Health Week 

Sample proclamation

Sample public service announcement

Sample social media posts

Sample messages for school marquees

Toolbox including instructional and professional development material

In addition, please use the video Finding Pathways, Healing Hearts to feature the important work school counselors do every day with students, including building trust and intervening with all students in California schools.

CASC 4-minute video, Finding Pathways, Healing Hearts highlighting mental health support
With english burned subtitles:
With spanish burned subtitles:

Sample Staff Mental Health Presentation

Sample Trauma Informed Staff Presentation

Sample Teacher Mental Health Presentation

Reopening Schools and Mental Health Considerations