-- Social Justice & Equity Topics


The following sessions will support the Social Justice & Equity strand of content*:
Proactive Strategies To Combat Hate And Bias In Schools and Increase Cross Cultural Unity
Derek Francis, Manager Of Counseling Services, Minneapolis Public Schools
Engage in learning tier one classroom lessons to promote an inclusive school culture. Create a proactive plan to respond to and combat hate and bias in school. Understand the impact of hate and bias incidents in schools and mental health. *Strategies from the Antiracist Counseling In Schools and Communities (2022) will be utilized.
School Counselors as Leaders in Equity, Access, and Outcomes
Monica Rodela, School Counselor, Lancaster School District
As legislation is changing across the nation determining how education is allowed to address gender, race, and other "divisive" issues, school counselors need to feel equipped to advocate for all students and our profession. In this session, participants will learn to justify the role of a school counselor in social justice and equity work and incorporate the work into a comprehensive school counseling program, such as classroom lessons, parent workshops, and staff professional development.
Excel Toward Equity: Simple Spreadsheet Power Tools You Can Use Now
Michael Bennie, Program Specialist for School Counseling, San Bernardino City Unified School District
Counselors are asked to be data experts and not always trained to use powerful tools like Sheets and Excel to pull that off--so the simple spreadsheet power tools you'll learn here help build your efficacy and efficiency with data to be the equity warrior you want to be. This session will offer hands-on, down-to-earth Excel/Sheets instruction that will have you saying, “Whoa! I can do that?!” Counselors will learn techniques to: Select students for data-based Tier 2 interventions by using sort and filter; Reveal equity gaps by disaggregating data using basic formulas; Track needs, interventions, special programs and progress for all students with a powerful tool for combining data from multiple sheets into one; and review and report student mindsets/behaviors and outcomes using graphs.
Steps to Becoming an Anti-Racist School Counselor: Voices from the Field
Brandon Castro, School Counselor, Merced City School District
In this session, panelists will discuss the newly released guide, “Becoming an Anti-Racist School Counselor,” created by members of CASC’s Social Justice, Equity, and Anti-Racism Committee. Panelists will share strategies and experiences of implementing anti-racist school counseling practices at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Attendees will receive access to the digital guide, “Becoming an Anti-Racist School Counselor.”
Campus Racial Climate and the Social Emotional Health of Latino High School Students
Enrique Espinoza, Ed.D., School Counselor, Garden Grove Unified School District
This presentation introduces school counselors to the concept of Latinx Critical Race Theory (LatCrit) as a lens to help understand the racist experiences that Latino students encounter on school campus and how it influences their mental health. This presentation will provide an overview of a study done at a southern California high school where student interviews revealed the ways in which overt and covert forms of racism manifested. Using LatCrit, the four layers of racism will be presented, followed with a discussion on how it affects the mental state of Latino students. Lastly, attendees will walk away with steps for implementing support for Latinos at their respective schools.

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*Subject to change