Solution Focused Counseling & Climate Specialist Certification Course

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Solution Focused Counseling & Climate Specialist!

The new Solution Focused Counseling & Climate Specialist (SFCCS) certificate program in California provides school counselors with a solid understanding of solution focused counseling strategies and the application of those strategies with teachers and other school staff members in a classroom setting. Certified SFCCSs have the knowledge to create responsive and welcoming school systems and are trained to train others in solution focused concepts known to improve student outcomes. This certification provides participants with advanced solution focused strategies along with strategies in instruction, leadership, and adult learning methodology.

What is Solution Focused Counseling?

The basic concepts regarding solution focused counseling are to focus on the strengths and abilities of the individual when a problem is presented. For those who work in schools, this strategy can be applied to students, parents and staff members. By learning to focus more on what works and re-describing deficits, solutions become more possible and individuals are encouraged rather than discouraged.

SFCCS Certification is a 5-step process:

Step 1:  
Jan. 10, 2020 - Essential Solution Focused Training- Day 1- Provides attendees with a broad-based perspective of the solution focused approach, complete with skill-building techniques that are presented in an interactional, experiential format. Ideas for application of the solution focused approach to school-based issues such as parent conferences, crisis management, RTI, IEP, and mental health concerns will be the focus of the six-hour day.
Jan. 11, 2020 - Implementation Strategies Training- Day 2- Provides attendees with specific planning instructions and activities for training and implementing the solution focused climate in their school.  Attendees will gain knowledge of how to tailor the solution focused approach to their unique school campus, how to present the school climate ideas to their administration and how to consistently maintain the program in their school.  
Step 2:  Online Classroom Meeting - February 13, 2020    
Step 3:  Complete first 8 hours of field study; First video due March 2 
Step 4:  Online Classroom Meeting - April 2, 2010 
Step 5:  Complete second 8 hours of field study; Second video due April 20, 2020
FINAL - Solution Focused Counseling and Climate Specialist Awarded upon completion of all requirements.

*Certification requires successful completion of all five steps.

Certification Package: $799 / member; $899 / non-member - seating is limited.


The Jan. 10, 2020 "Essential Solution Focused Training" is also being offered as a stand-alone session. Registration is $199 / members or $299 / non-members and includes breakfast and lunch. Payment and attendance for only the single session will not lead to a certification. Click here to register for only the single session training.

January 10 & 11 training days will be held at the CASC Office & Training Center, 3602 Inland Empire Blvd, Suite B-205, Ontario, CA 91764. Training will begin at 9:00am on both days and end by 4:00pm. Lunch will be provided.

All steps of the certification process will be taught by Linda Metcalf, PhD, LMFT who is internationally known as an expert in solution focused methodology. Dr. Metcalf is the author of eleven books including Counseling Toward Solutions (1995, 2008, Wiley), Teaching Toward Solutions (Crown House, 2005), and Marriage and Family Therapy: A Practice Oriented Approach (Springer, 2011, 2019). She has presented hundreds of seminars in the United States, Australia, Japan, Newfoundland, Germany, Scotland, England, Norway, Amsterdam, Singapore, Thailand, Canada and China. She is also the Past President of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and Past President of the Texas Association for Marriage and Family therapy. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband Roger. Together, they are proud parents of three adult children, Roger Jr., Kelli and Ryan and two golden retrievers named Ringo and Ranger.