California Standards for the School Counseling Profession

Published by The California Association of School Counselors, Inc. (2009)

 California Standards for the School Counseling Profession
The aim of the California Standards for the School Counseling Profession is three-fold: 1) to provide a common language regarding school counselor responsibilities; 2) to provide a framework of accountability and professional development for practice in school counseling; and 3) to increase public understanding of the work of professional school counselors on behalf of California students.
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School counselors play a vital role in promoting learning and achievement, in assuring that California students meet the requirements as outlined in California's academic standards, and in providing the necessary links between learning and life-long success.
The Standards provide a tool that encourages reflection about counseling practices, facilitates professional goals to improve counseling practices, and helps school counselor supervisors guide, mentor and assess the progress of school counselors' practice in relationship to professionally-accepted expectancies.