Student Wellness

Student Mental Health and Wellness is not merely academic alone. Students require aid in other parts of their lives as well. If a student is facing losing their home to a wildfire, they (understandably) won't be focused on their schoolwork. We've pulled a few resources together to assist school counselors in helping their students' all-around wellness. Please see the current 'State of Student Wellness' below as well as the links at left.

State of Student Wellness 2021 Fact Sheet: Student mental health is highly connected to student success and well-being. California students were already the most underserved in the country in terms of school-based mental health. Our wellness surveys completed by over 1,200 students throughout the pandemic reveal the emergency has evolved into a crisis. This fact sheet shares some of the findings from our upcoming report. Students from over 50 school districts and 25 counties across California completed the two surveys administered in April 2020 and April 2021.