Superintendent's Symposium

October 3, 2019  8:30am - 11:15am

A panel of superintendents and keynote presenters will share effective ways to develop school counselor led programs to meet district LCAP goals.  As our guest, superintendents may stay for lunch and enjoy the keynote address from Dr. Pedro Noguera.
Panel members include:
Superintendent Mijares: Orange County Office of Ed.
Superintendent Deasy: Stockton Unified School Dist.
Superintendent Barrett: Hemet Unified School Dist.
Tim Taylor: Executive Director, Small School Dist. Ass.
Invited speakers: Dr. Trish Hatch, Dr. Loretta Whitson, Dr. Jacob Olsen, Dr. Caroline Lopez-Perry.
Attendance is non-transferable and FREE.

The panel of superintendents will share student data improvement areas tied to the work of school counselors.  You will walk away with implementation strategies and practical tools to utilize in your district. To register, go to: